Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Final Blog Posting

  • Reflection of your lesson
  • The lesson went well in my opinion. with the behavior cards professor handed out, it was a bit harder but it was a great experience. you never know what kind of students you will have so to deal with kids doing out of the ordinary thing was a great thing to experience. we got through basically everything we intended to even with the students acting crazy. my partner and i knew going into the lesson that it would be hard but we were confident that we would be able to handle it and that's what we did, handled each students behavior and tried to just get on with the lesson.

  • How did you (and your partner) prepare?
  • my partner and i weren't worried about our lesson so much because we knew we did a great job on it. we were more worried about the behavior and keeping control of the class for the entire lesson. we knew what we had to teach and how we were going to do it but we didn't know how the students were going to be acting so that's what we tried to prepare for. we just discussed how we would handle the students and really went into detail on what each of us would be doing seeing how we were partner-teaching. i also think it was beneficial to have a partner teaching with you because it gave us another teacher to help and you didn't have to feel like you had to do everything by yourself.
  • Explain the objective and assessment measures of your lesson
  • Students will be able to identify the significance of Martin Luther Kings speech and the civil rights movement
  • Students will be able to answer comprehension questions about the speech
  • Students will be able to define words from the speech that they do not know already
  • Was you lesson plan executed exactly as written?
  • No it was not. due to the students behavior we had to stop a few times to get control of the class. this is something that happens all the time in real classrooms though so it wasn't a big deal. we stayed on topic though and tried getting through everything. professor luongo taught us that even if you write a perfect lesson plan, things may not work out as planned, but you need to just keep control of the class and get through what you can get through.
  • What was the most important thing i tried to teach the students?
  • The most important thing we tried teaching our students was the importance of MLK's speech and how it changed the way the world is today.
  • How do you think it went?
  • I think it went well. after the podcast and the worksheet we handed out to be completed, the students settled down and did the work for the most part. that was a big part of the class.
  • What did you learn from your students?
  • I learned that you never know what a student will do in the classroom. also you never know what is going on at home or what the student is going through which could be the reason why the student is acting out in the classroom.
  • What would you have done differently?
  • The one thing i would have done differently was not had the students read the entire speech and only read the most important parts of the speech. this was a long speech and students grew bored towards the middle of the speech and that caused them to start acting out even more.
  • How could you have made the lesson even more effective?
  • i believe not making the students read so much and getting them more involved maybe having them read a paragraph here or there would have made the lesson more effective.
  • What do you think you need to improve or do differently?
  • with more time, the we could have had the students make their own podcast on their personal feelings of MLK's speech. this would have made them interact one on one with the speech and wouldn't have made them so bored throughout the lesson.
  • How did you and your partner plan to use the podcast in your lesson?
  • We planned to let the students hear the whole podcast then let them read it on a worksheet when they answered the questions. we went through with this procedure.
  • Did you use it during the class lesson? Why or why not?
  • Yes we did use it. we had to use it seeing how it was such a important part of our lesson. We thought that instead of having the students simply read the long speech we would let them listen to it instead.
  • How did your students react to the podcast?
  • The students listened but grew tired of it seeing how it was so long. The podcast was completed in two parts seeing how it was so long. i did the first part and mr deleo completed the 2nd part. after my part was done playing for the class, the students thought it was over and began getting very ancy when mr deleos part came on. it was a long speech so it was obvious that they would get bored. we probably should have just pod casted only the key components to the speech rather than the whole speech.

Reflection on classmates lessons
After sitting in class and having to act out the behavior from the cards professor luongo handed out, my partner and i knew this would be no easy task to complete. Watching the other students go through their lesson helped out a ton though. just seeing the different lessons and methods of handling behavior was great to see what we should do and what we should stay away from. i believe all of our classmates did a great job getting through their lessons and dealing with students acting out in the classroom.

Their were some methods in which other students used for discipline in which we chose not to use. some of these methods were assigning detention to students for everything they did. at the end of the day, no disciplinary action would work in this setting seeing how none of these actions would be followed through with seeing how this was just a acting session for the students. i do feel like detention to some students doesn't mean anything and wont stop their actions. i believe the most effective thing is to threatened a call to the parents or guardian of the student. also assigning extra homework seems to have be a good tool to use to keep students in line. taking students outside the classroom and talking to them one on one also seemed to have worked very well.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

last day in comp lab

hello all, as i predicted my partner breezed his way through the 2nd part of the speech. he did a fantastic job. while he did that i came up with some questions for the lesson. today was a very good day because we finished everything that had to be done so far. i hope everyone else had as much as a successful day as me and my partner.

5 Questions for podcasting lesson

1.) Do you think this speech influenced the changes that have occurred in the world concerning race? If so, how?

2.) In the podcast we use the term inextricably, what is the meaning of this term?

3.) What do you think Martin Luther King jr was trying to accomplish with this speech? Do you think he achieved these accomplishments?

4.) What feelings do you think people felt as they were listening to this historic speech?

5.) If you were in the crowd to hear thi speech, what do you think your reaction would have been? What feelings would you have felt?

Finishing our podcast/questions

Today my partner and i will finish our podcast and move onto the 5 questions we will use for our lesson. since the speech was a bit long, we broke it up into 2 parts, i did the first part and my partner is doing the 2nd part. he struggled last week witht e 2nd part but i am confident that today he will be fine with it. the 2nd part of the speech is a challenge i must admit but i think we will do just fine. while he is working on the 2nd part of the podcast i am going to be thinking of five questions for our lesson. well thats all for right now, have a great day everyonee.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

final copyy podcasting

well i finished my part of the podcast. i was nervous at the beggining so that caused me to mess up a few times but after trying it twice, i calmed down and got it done. it wasnt all that bad ethier, i think i did pretty well. my partner and i broke the speech up into 2 parts i did the first and he did the 2nd. he struggled a little bit with his part but i have to admit his part was definatly more difficult than mine. so hopefully next class we can finish it up and get working on our 5 questions to go along with the podcast. i enjoyed doing this podcast and i think i did prettyy good. thats all for now..

The big day

TOday we will be podcasting but it is not a testrun anymore, its the real deal. i am a little nervous for the whole thing because i dont want tomess up. Besides that, im pretty excited for the whole thing.. to be continued....

Friday, February 19, 2010

end of podcasting day 2

my partner and i have just finished podcasting. this is our second one and it went well. it definatly could have been better but its only our 2nd time so theres alway sroom for improvement. i think for next time we need to just be a little more relaxed while reading our scripts. besides being a little nervous i think everything else was great. our ideas were good and we spoke pretty clearly. the hardest part about these podcasts is coming up with the scripts.